Vision and Team


VISAO-E-EQUIPAEdgar Cardoso’s DNA, which derives from the spirit of its founder, has been po- tentiated by all his its collaborators, past and present, that have perpetuated this  inheritance of knowledge and experience, which together are the company’s most  precious assets.

Professor Edgar Cardoso always sought to look forward, to challenge, to inno- vate. Not just for innovation in itself, but to create true value through innovation,  to surpass expectations, to reach the unreachable. To perpetuate this vision and  way of being is not an easy task, but for those who have worked closer to him and  that continue to give life to this project, it represents an essential and irrefusable  challenge.

Presently, Edgar Cardoso incorporates a distinct and versatile multidisciplinary  team, which includes numerous Collaborators and Consultants that have been  serving the Engineering area with their experience and knowledge in many refer- ence works.